Monday, December 5, 2011

plebian - ruminations on a $1 pizza

I have a soft spot for frozen pizzas.  Perhaps it's just the cardboardy crust and plastic-like cheese, perhaps it's comfort food memories from when my mom was in grad school and I was a busy high schooler with limited culinary ability.  Regardless of the cause, I still love cheap pizzas.  The REALLY cheap frozen pizzas.  Specifically, these:

The problem is the cognitive dissonance with craving these, and having a family diet that involves primarily whole/unprocessed foods with a lot of vegetables - we don't keep boxed foods like this in the house.

Enter the working lunch: 

These puppies don't have the same crisp crust as the larger versions, but they do have caraway (a necessary part of any good frozen pizza topping in my opinion), and they can be microwaved.  So that's my dirty little secret.  At home, I've learned to tolerate broccoli with a smile, and snip up spinach to go into nearly everything we cook.  At work, I scarf pizza bites, salami cheese and full-sugar cola.

plebian - unrefined or coarse in nature or manner; common or vulgar.

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  1. My plebian confession: I read Janet Evanovich novels. Also, I had a McRib this week.